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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Myth of White Supremacy Falls to Science

In the past few weeks, it has been revealed that non-African humans have a common genetic heritage with Neanderthals that is not present among those who have never left Africa (where Homo Sapiens evolved). Neanderthal man is a lesser species of Human - of lower intelligence, possibly pre-linguistic and of lesser emotional control with a less developed frontal lobe. This kind of blows the theory of white superiority out of the water. The hybrid is not as strong (watch sports lately?), more prone to violence and uncontrolled emotion, has unsightly body hair and is more prone to skin cancer. Indeed, the whole moral concept of Original Sin may describe the flaws in the character of hybrid humans rather than an endemic part of human nature - although Africa seems to have been infected with it by white colonization.

This should upset the whole basis for white priviledge - or rather should it into the perspective of a permanent inferiority complex which the white race can never live down - but only interbreed itself out of. This would only pollute the master species, of course, with lesser DNA - but it is a better alternative to true homo sapiens engaging in genocide against the rest of the planet (including African Americans, who are also polluted genetically by interbreeding with white slave owners).

What amazes me most is that no one else seems to have raised this point in reaction to the latest scientific news. I say most of this with tongue firmly in cheek - though not entirely. There are still people who regard the white race as God's gift to the planet. The new genetic analysis should prove that this is not the case - that there is no justification by white racists for any such claims when we are, in fact, the product of intermarriage with an inferior species.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Christian Left: White Racial Superiority Disproven - Our Neanderthal Past

The Christian Left: White Racial Superiority Disproven - Our Neanderthal Past