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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Statehood and the 2008 Election

Frankly, I am surprised no one has brought this up yet.

It is quite within the realm of possibility that there will be 60 Democratic Senators and a Democratic President-elect on November 5th.

If this occurs, the main political impediment to Statehood for New Columbia will have been cleared. All that will remain are the regional difficulties, although with 4 area Democratic Senators and Governors they will be not so much as in the recent past.

There is still a punch list of things to do to ease the transition, however:

Rewrite H.R. 51 so that the portion left in federal hands contains only the White House and the Congressional buildings. Failure to do so will put many potential non-resident income tax dollars out of reach and will also allow the military base residents to register and vote under the 23rd Amendment (and they would vote Republican).

Review the New Columbia Constitution as passed by the Council and make amendment necessary so that it actually survives a plebecite. Try expanding the House of Delegates and adding non-majority party epresentation at the ward level so that the GOP does not yell too loudly - as the vote may be close in Congress.

Work out an agreement for Virginia and Maryland to share our prison and mental health care costs in lieu of levying a non-resident income tax. This allows them to save face in supporting statehood.

Appoint an Administrator for the National Capital Service Area, especially that portion within New Columbia, and work out both a current services agreement to pay costs for providing services under a no-year appropriation and a reimbursement for all such costs expended in the past for when the Federal Government negligently refused to appoint the Administrator as provided under the law.

It is time for the Shadow Delegation to start doing their jobs, since they might actually triumph this time. Statehood is no longer a lost cause. Get to work!