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In this blog, I discuss DC politics and other issues of import to local government. I have posted several essays from my book, Musings from the Christian Left, on blog entreies dated June 2004.

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Monday, November 02, 2009

Excerpts from Musings from the Christian Left

Geocities has gone away, so I have moved my essays on DC to this blog. Since posting them on the blog, I have moved them to their original publication date in June 2004. Here are the links to these essays:

DC Finance

Limiting Congressional Power over the District

DC Government

New Columbia Constitutional Questions

Call for a People's Constitutional Convention (this was done before I read the language in HR 51 which required popular adoption of the 1987 Constitution in order for statehood to occur).

Getting a Vote on Voting Rights and Statehood (still suprisingly current)

Racial Justice (reparations and affirmative action - since this was written, Virginia apologized for slavery)

Education, Welfare and Religion

Gay Rights

Professional Sports Teams and the Entertainment Industry (with props to Faith and Jude)


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